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The Theophrastus Research Institute (TheoRI) is a team of international researchers and practitioners conducting independent research and policy consultation on connections among environment, climate change and diverse economic, social, and political challenges. Based at the crossroads of three continents on Lesvos Island in Greece, TheoRI specializes in analysis of intersecting issues in the Mediterranean and southern Europe and with links to Europe and around the world.

TheoRI helps bridge the gaps between research, policymaking, and practice through scientifically rigorous, policy-relevant, and case specific analysis. Using a range of research methodologies ranging from remote sensing to co-designed participatory research methodologies, TheoRI works with diverse stakeholders to support decision-making and create change directly connected to clients' unique needs.

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TheoRI produces research on critical, interconnected environmental, social, and political challenges. We focus on often neglected dimensions of climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience strategies, as well as the latest environmental protection and pollution clean-up strategies. In addition, we analyze links between climate change, energy transitions, peace, and security.

Our work examines these sectors in rural and urban contexts with a special focus on Europe and the European Union while recognizing the international interconnected nature of environment, sustainability, and security issues.

TheoRI supports a diversity of actors in cities, countries, and regions respond to climate change with efforts to increase their climate resilience. We facilitate community-led development of mechanisms to prepare for and cope with the changing environment.

We adopt an inclusive approach to advancing sustainability, embracing the diversity of its economic, environmental, and social dimensions. We tackle pollution that challenges our ability to preserve and restore the health of our air, soil, ecosystems, and water.

Climate change and the environment are increasingly linked to peace and security worldwide, making these topics priorities in Europe. The full spectrum of defense, diplomacy, and development actors play key environment, energy, and climate roles. Peace, security, and stability are core conditions for sustainable development and climate resilience, just as threats to security and increased fragility are linked to climate and environmental change.

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The Theophrastus Research Institute offers a diverse range of services to support sustainable development and informed decision-making. Our services include:

Policy Analysis
We offer policy analysis for climate-informed decisions across institutional frameworks, policy agendas, and scenarios.
Original Research
Our team conducts original research utilizing a wide range of methods.
Monitoring and Evaluation
We provide monitoring and evaluation services to support decision-makers.
Capacity Building
We offer capacity building programs for institutions and communities.
Training and Education
We provide training and education programs to develop applied knowledge and skills.
Debate and Conference Facilitation
We facilitate debates and conferences through a wide range of forums and formats.

Our Team

Our team of committed experts is devoted to tackling environmental, social, and political issues. Their vast experience and varied viewpoints allow for creative problem-solving and the ability to effect positive change..

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Area nearby TheoRI’s HQ

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